Here's are some frequently asked question. If your questions are still not answered please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • How do I cut your cake?

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    Our cakes are tall, so here are a few simple tips to follow to make your cake cutting process a breeze. A clean large knife is needed and a large cutting board always helps! (otherwise use the box it came in).

    Once the cake is room temperature (at least one hour before serving), you will need to carefully remove any toppings onto a plate. It is advised to cut your cake in a grid pattern for ease cutting and serving. Follow the guide in the diagram below and you’ll turn into the cake cutter master!

  • How to care for cakes?

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    Travelling: Do not travel with room temperature cakes or leave them in the car without full aircon turned on. Best to put it in the foot area of the passenger seat with the a/c on. Avoid Direct Sunlight.

    Storing: Do not leave cakes under direct sunlight. Cakes are best kept in a a/c room (or in the fridge if it is not covered with fondant). on a flat position with plenty room around it for air circulation and to ensure that your cake does not get damaged.  Butter starts to melt at 26 degrees so keeping in warm temperature will inevitably cause a cake to collapse!

    Serving: It is advised that you ensure that the cake is placed at room temperature at least one hours before serving to ensure your cake is scrumptious + delicious! Cakes should be cut with a hot dry knife.

  • How much will it cost?

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    Each cake cost varies as each one has a different level of complexity and detail. A simple price guide is displayed on the Menu page which contains a feeding guide and pricing list together. Wedding consultations are available with an appointment only.

  • What is the process?

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    Check out our menu and pricing list. Find a cake size and flavour that suits for your occasion. Fill in an enquiry form and we can start to chat about cake style then! 50% non-refundable deposits are needed to lock in dates.

  • When should I order my cake by?

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    It all depends on the size. Small cakes usually need a 2 week notification, but we’ve had many last minute orders on the week! With that said, NHB usually books out within the month so it’s always best to contact us asap so we can at least pencil your date in!